The Scholarship Workbook: Facilitator’s Guide


  • Why re-invent the wheel!?

  • Don’t waste your time trying to figure out how to create and format your financial aid workshop.

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The Scholarship Workbook: Facilitator’s Guide is prefect for educators/instructors of high schools, TRIO Programs, Gear-Up Programs, College Readiness Programs and organizations who want to help students and parents understand, search and apply for scholarships and financial aid to help them pay for college; but who don’t want to spend the time (re)creating a financial aid syllabus, lecture notes, slides, etc.

Captain Sedgwick Hines developed The Scholarship Workbook: Facilitator’s Guide that you can start to use in your scholarship/financial aid workshop right now. The Scholarship Workshop curriculum includes The Scholarship Workbook (for students) and the Scholarship Workbook: Facilitator’s Guide (for teachers).

The Facilitator’s Guide includes:

  • Lecture Notes
  • Lesson Plans
  • Classroom Setup
  • In-class Activities
  • Access to Online Supplemental Materials

For nearly two decades, Captain S. Hines has researched and written books on the subject of financial aid.  Why not take advantage of the work Sedgwick has already done and use his Scholarship Workshop curriculum for your school or program to teach a scholarship/financial aid workshop in your class?

 Since financial aid makes attending and staying in college a reality, you should help your students understand, search and apply for scholarships/financial aid  by adopting Sedgwick Hines’ Scholarship Workshop curriculum.



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